Meet our Partners
“We invested early in Twenty because we saw the tremendous value it can generate for our talent and events. Since then, Twenty’s growth has been strong, delivering on their promise to connect groups of friends through real-world experiences. We’re excited for our continued collaboration.”
Mark Shapiro | President, Endeavor
“We have been testing Twenty at our venues and most recently at one of our newly acquired Music Festivals. As we expected, the response from our fans has been overwhelmingly positive. They have utilized the app to meet up before events, discovered friends they didn’t know were in the venue and we also love to hear that they continue using it every day.”
James L. Dolan | Executive Chairman
“Diesel, Mark, and the Twenty team have built an innovative product. Roc Nation aims to lead the convergence between entertainment and technology and Twenty will enhance those efforts by creating meaningful fan and user experiences. We’re excited to be a partner of theirs for years to come.”
Juan Perez | President
“Our DJ’s, hosts, promoters and a large group of our guests have been using the beta product at our nightlife venues across the globe. It is amazing to see how our network has really gravitated towards it. We have a very connected and influential audience who is always at the forefront of new trends.”
Noah Tepperberg | Co-Founder TAO Group
“We are excited by Twenty’s potential and its relevance to fans at a range of live events.”
Mark Campana | Co-President of North American Concerts